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Mothercare Stage 1 Weaning Starter Set

Product code : A3078 

Was: ฿990.00
Now: ฿693.00


This comprehensive weaning starter set includes everything you need to help baby make an enjoyable transition to soft food.
product information
  • Weaning set suitable for stage 1 weaning
  • Soft base freezer pots to make removing the food easy
  • Short handled weaning spoons which are easy to hold
  • Long handled weaning spoons for reaching deeper into containers
  • Free flow beaker with shaped handles - easy for little hands
  • Suitable for all approved sterilisation methods
  • Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Fabric composition: PP,TPE
  • Care Instructions: Suitable For All Approved Sterilisation Methods Including Microwave.Before First Use And After Each Use, Clean The Product.Wash The Product Thoroughly In Hot, Soapy Water Or In The Top Rack Of The Dishwasher.Do Not Store In Direct Sunlight Or Near A Source Of Heat, This Could Damage The Product.Do Not Allow To Come In Contact With Solvent Or Harsh Chemical, This Could Damage The Product. Do Not Allow To Come In Contact With Oil Based Foods Such As Oil/Tomato Based Sauces, As Staining Could Occur. Not Suitable For Use In A Conventional Oven Or A Combination Oven With The Grill Feature Turned On.
  • Safety warning: Always Use This Product With Adult Supervision. Before Each Use, Inspect The Product. Throw Away At First Signs Of Damage Or Weakness. Take Extra Care When Microwave Heating - Remove The Lid Before Placing In Microwave. Once Heated , Stir Well To Ensure Even Heat Distribution Throughout The Food As A Microwave Oven May Produce Localised High Temperatures. Always Check Food Temperature Before Feeding.Keep All Components Not In Use Out Of The Reach Of Children. Once Thawed, Do Not Refreeze Food.